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301 engine fault

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301 engine fault

Messagepar ulyshut » Dim 21 Fév 2016 07:11

good day peugeot 301 group. i experienced having an "engine fault error" showing on the monochrome screen and the engine autodiagnosis system icon was lit. i tried to turn off the engine and front engine fan was blowing strong even the car is turned off, even car key was removed. it will take about 10minutes to stop the fan from blowing. and the time i turn on the engine. When i turn on the car again it will show the same issue (engine fault, auto diagnose icon lit) but when i restart the engine it became to normal and the whole day car was working fine. Anyone experiencing this anomaly on the 301? this happens when the weather is cold and starting the car in the morning only. it happens to me 3 time since the car reached 40k km after the major maintenance. any same story and suggestion is greatly appreciated. thanks in advance
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Re: 301 engine fault

Messagepar Yagoub » Mar 17 Mai 2016 18:22

I have had this before, It was because a dirty diesel I got. I went to Peugeot representative who made a scan and the result was as mentioned earlier.
No its working well
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