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Brian Poole takes one for the team, and by one, we mean a tr

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Brian Poole takes one for the team, and by one, we mean a tr

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Brian Poole Youth Calvin Ridley Jersey still sat at his locker. He might have been a statue, cloaked in the evening shadows, were it not for his slow and regretful blinking.Poole knew it was not his fault the Falcons had lost this game. You could hardly hang all 43 points on him, after all. He knew that the new, oddly hollow-eyed version of Matt Ryan had caught metaphorical fire (and smelled, strangely, of sulphur), but the defense had let the team down. Yet he was haunted by his own specific failure to bring down a scrambling Drew Brees. In his mind’s eyes, he saw the tiny quarterback twirling, wreathed by a tornado-force winds, his elvish mouth saying “ADVOCARE” triumphantly as he trotted into the end zone. It was one of the worst moments of Poole’s career.When he finally stood, heaving a deep sigh, he was startled to see the herky-jerky motions of a tall shadow working its way through the locker room. Instinctively, Poole tensed to tackle, but when a figure in a pitch black robe turned the corner, it hit a sick spin move and Poole missed entirely.The figure stood expectantly as Poole sprang to his feet. “Who are you?” he shouted, hands up and ready to fight.“You know me for my speed and my physicality Black De'Vondre Campbell Jersey , and my great disdain for failures of execution,” the figure said, his voice rustling like a fall breeze through dead leaves.Poole needed to hear nothing else, for he was privy to all the same dark whispers as everyone else on the team. He had been chose as the scapegoat, and he was not about to take that lying down. He hurdled his head coach and took off running down the dimly lit halls of Flowery Branch. “Wait,” called Dan Quinn, his angular face rising from his cloak like an axe blade. “You can’t escape destiny by running away!” Poole had made it only a few dozen feet when a figure appeared in front of him. It was Justin Bethel, his arms seeming elongated on the gathering dark. “Sorry, old fellow, but you will go no further. Not for a fortune! Blood, blood, and opportunity for me,” he said gleefully, but when Poole attempted to run by him, Bethel missed entirely. Poole ran to the outside doors, flung them open, and slammed them behind him. But he realized with horror that he had not reached the safety of the parking lot, but was inside Quinn’s cavernous office. Lit only by torchlight, it had acquired a more sinister edge, especially for the great metal Falcons statue perched near his desk.And then there was Quinn Youth Matt Ryan Jersey , climbing up the stairs with the grim terror of a stop-motion vampire. “You won’t get away with this!” Poole shouted.Quinn shook his head with what Poole thought was a touch of sadness. “I will tell them I am sending you to some lost corner of the Carpathians for a few months to work on your technique,” Quinn said, his mouth bared in a grim, fanged smile. “They have come to fear my word, and believe me, everyone says I won’t get away with what I get away with. There must be a price paid for our failures, Brian, and you let a quarterback of my age and physique hit a spin move on you. If we’re to save this season, we must give Us...excuse me, the Great Metal Falcon...what he wants.” Poole would have argued with that, would have pointed out that his fellow cornerbacks also missed tackles and what could you possibly expect from a defense with so many missing players against a Hall of Fame quarterback, but he missed the floor spinning open underneath him before he could so much as draw an argumentative breath. Then Poole, like so many before him, fell into the hot glow beneath Flowery Branch with nary a whisper. Quinn lowered himself tiredly into his chair, which reclined almost back to the floor, and sank deep into his thoughts. When the Great Metal Falcon finally spoke, his words reverberated only in Quinn’s head.“So we thinking Nosferatu or Despicable Me 3 for movie night? Because I could go either way,” he screeched. One NFL fan is enraged by a penalty flag he sees fly on TV. He turns to the woman next to him and asks, "Where do they get these guys?"Replay then proves the call was correct, and the fan just shrugs as the woman replies: "Guess they know what they are doing."Those officials come from a pipeline established by the NFL that seeks to identify people with the right skill set Youth Keanu Neal Jersey , temperament and judgment to handle a thankless job week after week.Often, the league puts a high premium on experience, even when some officials no longer seem to have the agility to keep up with the incredible speed of the game. Among current referees, Walt Coleman is in his 30th year as an NFL official, Walt Anderson has begun his 23rd and Tony Corrente is in his 24th. Overall, there are 19 officials in the 20th or more season of their NFL careers, and an additional 33 with at least 15 years on the job.As explained by recently retired referee Gene Steratore, now with CBS as an analyst, "The officials learn from all the time they spend on the field about angles and getting the best view on a play."He points to the new rule banning any hit initiated with the lowering of the head and use of the helmet, whether by a defender or offensive player. Noting it is a "necessary rule change to protect the safety of the players," Steratore understands there's an adjustment period for those players and the officials before reaching a full understanding of what should draw a flag."Sure there's a learning curve for them," he says, "but then a trigger will show right before that contact, and it will become clear if it is a penalty. I think that will come in a fast period of time."It did. One such penalty was called in Week 1, on Kansas City safety Ron Parker.The NFL, which has seven new officials this season, has a distinct pipeline for talent. It's not entirely unlike the flow for players in that many referees, umpires, linesman and judges come from the college ranks. But the in-depth process can begin well before the highest college levels."We look at officials at the high school level," says Al Riveron Youth Julio Jones Jersey , the NFL's officiating director. "After a few years in high school, they might move to the lower college ranks and then to the Power Five conferences. We have a staff of 72 scouts and supervisors and our full-time officials who look at you. We first home in on their skills, and we are thinking long term if we have an interest in you. At some point, you could be ready (for the pros)."To aid in the process, the league created the Officiating Development Program. Candidates must receive medical clearance, pass a background check, take a psychological assessment and complete an in-person interview with a panel of NFL staffers.If they are accepted into the program, they study position-specific film with veteran NFL officials and current officiating supervisors. They get familiar with NFL rules that often are different from colleges. For example, clock stoppages to move the chains on first downs, or one foot in bounds on receptions.Then the prospective officials attend an NFL preseason officiating clinic, participate in minicamps and training camps, and some work an NFL preseason game. They could get some experience in the Senior Bowl, East-West Shrine Game or NFLPA bowl game, as well.When they are assessed for potential employment, the categories are:—Ready for the highest level. The official gets a spot on an NFL crew when an opening comes.—Great work, but room to improve. The league likes what it sees in the official but determines he or she is not quite ready for the NFL. That officials remains in the program.—Not the right fit. The league does not see this official working in the NFL.There are 39 officials in the program this year.The NFL always is looking for outlets through which to develop game officials. The CFL and Arena League have been options, and they could have another when the Alliance of American Footballs starts up the week after the Super Bowl."We're keeping a big eye on the Alliance," Riveron says enthusiastically. "The more officials get to see live snaps, the greater that is."
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