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Pour discuter de tout ce qui touche au moteur, à l'échappement, l'admission, le refroidissement, etc...

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Messagepar e5BJ5LR6XN » Jeu 3 Mai 2018 17:58

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I want to believe you're N tical person. The 60s AREN'T considered
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If you asked me before this fight if Tony, Max, or Conor could beat khabib I would said no but after this fight I can definitely see a good chance for any of those guys to take him out and after listening to various MMA media outlets it seems like I not the only one.

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Refs see someone on
the ground and probably don want to get yelled at by Moms seeing baby on the ground. Even 2 years on, I not anywhere close to the person I was
before the passing of my father. That been meaningful to me, too, since threads like this are so uncommon.

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