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I have a knowledgeable,

Si le cœur vous en dit, présentez-vous, cela permet de savoir à qui l'on s'adresse par la suite :)

I have a knowledgeable,

Messagepar ylq » Ven 10 Aoû 2018 08:19

I have a knowledgeable, good teacher who is kind and amiable to the students. Her bright eyes are full of simplicity and warmth. She is dedicated to the cause of education and always cares for us. She is the class teacher of our class - Teacher Li Weiper when I first transferred to this class, I was very timid and very strange to Teacher Li. When the teacher asked the class to ask questions, I almost never raised my hand. I just lowered my head and thought quietly, and worried that the teacher would call me. . The teacher "Qu Jinbo" just happened to point to my name. At that time, I was so scared that I was afraid of answering the mistakes and making jokes. However, "the military order is like a mountain." I have to stand up slowly and answer the questions raised by the teacher. The voice is as small as a mosquito. But the teacher did not criticize me. Instead, he said to me kindly: "The answer is completely correct. If the voice is louder, it is better." The teacher's encouragement is like a warm current, flowing all over the body. Since then, as long as I know the questions raised by the teacher, I can actively raise my hand to answer, and the sound is loud, the teachers and classmates have cast a glance at me. From her eyes, I know what encouragher Li not only encourages us in learning, but also tolerate our mistakes. I remember that once, my classmates didn't hand in homework, but the teacher found out when they changed our homework. During the class, the teacher did not point his name in public. Instead, he called him into the office during the class and gave him a lot of truth. He looked at the teacher's warm eyes and listened to the teacher's teachings. Since then, Zhou Wenjiang has never made the same mistacher, you are a hard gardener, for us to "pruning and cutting leaves", in order to make us more brilliant and more vivid, you have tried your best Marlboro Lights. Teacher, please believe that I will repay you with excellent Always thrive in the dry desert. Always dedicate yourself to others, bring hope to others, and finally die ting, gere lightly looked upon. Once upon a time, you were disgusted, but you still don��t feel embarrassed, still raise your head proudly, look up to Scorpio, and work hard to grow. In the end, I understand that you are carrying a noble heart. You know that only good people, people who love life, and people who are optimistic can find you. Although you are wearing a spike, which makes it impossible for humans to approach you Marlboro Gold, I know that once you unload your outerwear Marlboro Gold Pack, your naked heart will be trampled. So, you have a solid wall and a barrier to protect your heart. Because you know that people who have sincerity wil better. Therefore, you are also known as the "oasis of the desert." You often provide your own life for pedestrians in the desert Marlboro Menthol 100S. There is always no regrets. Behind your hard back Newport Cigarettes Price, there is such a gentle side hidden, let me admire you more.results.
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