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in Rodgers’ new deal. In this case, the math in this paragr

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in Rodgers’ new deal. In this case, the math in this paragr

Messagepar elaine95 » Sam 29 Juin 2019 04:15

A contract in a similar range to the one he was set to sign in 2018 seems about right again this spring."WhiteFanposts Fanshots Sections The APC PodcastPackers Film RoomFantasy Football AdviceCSTShareTweetShareShareHow much money should Bashaud Breeland be worth to the Packers in free agency?Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY SportsThe Green Bay Packers have only one or two players set to be unrestricted free agents who should be priorities for the team to re-sign in 2019. Although general manager Brian Gutekunst would probably be wise to pursue bringing Muhammad Wilkerson back Rashan Gary Jersey 2019 , the team’s number one priority should absolutely be cornerback Bashaud Breeland.A midseason acquisition, Breeland helped stabilize a volatile Packers secondary down the stretch, providing one of the more memorable plays of the season while providing a veteran attitude and work ethic to the cornerback room. Green Bay has an apparent budding star in Jaire Alexander, but Josh Jackson will need to answer plenty of questions about his game while Kevin King needs to figure out how to stay on the field.A return for Breeland would help stabilize that unit for the next few seasons, providing steady and consistent play opposite Alexander and King. However, the question as always becomes whether the player and the team can come to an agreement on the financial terms of the situation.Here’s a look at what value Breeland should have in this year’s market.Breeland in 2018at 23rd at the position right now. That seems relatively close to where he belongs, though lingering concerns about that foot injury could depress his value a bit.The good news for the Packers and for Breeland is that there’s already a market-setting cornerback contract in place for 2019. The Atlanta Falcons released 30-year-old Robert Alford shortly after the Super Bowl as a salary cap casualty. Two days later, he signed a three-year, $22.5 million contract with the Arizona Cardinals. That deal came with a $4.5 million signing bonus.Interestingly, Alford would appear at first glance to be a lesser player than Breeland. He did not intercept a single pass in 15 games last year, and he’s about three years older. For what it’s worth, the two players had similar Pro Football Focus grades, with Breeland earning a slightly higher grade (58.5) than Alford (56.6).Still White Rashan Gary Jersey , that sort of deal ($7.5 million average per year) is probably a good place to start for Breeland. In addition, Alford’s contract seems to be relatively team-friendly in its structure, with only that $4.5 million signing bonus and his $4.45 million base salary in 2019 guaranteed (according to Over The Cap). That flexible pay-as-you-go structure is certainly something that the Packers have preferred in their big contracts.Looking at this deal, I can imagine two options for Breeland. The first would be if he wants a longer-term deal and more guaranteed money. In that case, about $7 million per year seems reasonable in exchange for a bit more in guarantees and an extra year than Alford received. I’m seeing a 4-year deal for $28 million — the Packers could give him a $10 million signing bonus as his guarantee, structuring the deal so that they could restructure or release him after two years if he does not live up to it. In that way, Green Bay could also keep his 2019 cap hit low while backloading some of that money into 2021 and 2022.The other alternative is a shorter, two-year contract that would allow Breeland to try to cash in as a free agent one more time before he turns 30. That type of deal would necessarily have a lower guarantee, but likely would result in a higher average value. Would two years for $17 million (with, say, $5-6 million in a signing bonus) do the job? That would protect the Packers from making an investment that’s too long, while giving Breeland that opportunity to cash in with one more big contract in 2021 at age 29. After settling on those numbers, a check of Spotrac seems to put this on the right track. Their Market Value tool suggests that Breeland’s proper value is around $6.9 million annually Cheap Rashan Gary Jersey , but that he could be due a 5-year deal. My suspicion is that neither he nor the Packers want to sign a deal that long, in part because of the likely labor fight coming when the CBA runs out after the 2020 season. That could also complicate negotiations on the term of this contract and every other deal that is signed this spring. Still, it’s nice to see the average yearly value come out so closely.Does something in the range of $7 to $8.5 million per year (depending on contract length) make sense? It seems to be decent value for both sides, given the names on contracts above and below that level.Aaron Rodgers’ contract should increase Packers’ cap hit by less than $1M in 2018 As we now know, the Green Bay Packers have reportedly agreed to a four-year contract extension with quarterback Aaron Rodgers. The deal makes him the highest-paid player in NFL history in terms of both total guaranteed money, average annual value, and total value.However, as is always the case, the devil is in the details. Rodgers already carried a cap hit of just over $20.56 million for the 2018 season. With the structure of the contract, the Packers are able to free up some cap space by doing so. Spotrac estimated that the Packers could free up a maximum of $15.4 million with a Rodgers deal, but the real cap savings for this year will certainly fall well short of that. In fact, it appears that his cap hit will increase for this year, but only slightly.Let’s recap what has been reported so far:The deal is for four additional years. Since Rodgers had two years remaining Youth Rashan Gary Jersey , this makes his current contract effectively a six-year deal, running through 2023.The contract includes $33.5 million per year in new money and a reported $103 million in “effective guarantees.” (source: James Jones)Here’s a look at Rodgers’ cash flow: his signing bonus is reported at $57.5 million, he is projected to receive $66.9 million by the end of the 2018 NFL season, and he’ll get a total of $80 million by March. (sources: @RapSheet, @AdamSchefter)Now, here’s a closer look at what that means for the cap, at least for 2018.According to the NFL’s collective bargaining agreement, the $57.5 million signing bonus is spread out over the first five years of the contract. That comes to $11.5 million on the cap per year. The difference between the $66.9 million number and the signing bonus will be Rodgers’ in-season compensation, consisting of his base salary and any per-game active roster bonuses that are present. That comes to $9.4 million, which is added to the $11.5 million for a total of $20.9 million. Add in a $500,000 workout bonus already paid out this offseason and we get to a total of $21.4 million. UPDATE: There is conflicting information regarding Rodgers’ workout bonus, which has already been paid out. One way of reading the reports is as stated above, that the workout bonus is separate from the rest of the compensation package. However Darnell Savage Green Bay Packers Jersey , some sources, including former NFL agent Joel Corry, have reported that the half-million is included in $9.4 million number. If the latter is the case, then Rodgers’ base salary is actually $8.9 million and his cap hit drops to $20.9 million.If Rodgers’ contract had kept per-game active roster bonuses in, they would be counted against the cap only based on how many games the player played the previous year; since Rodgers only suited up for seven games, the Packers have to count just 7/16 of his total roster bonus amount for 2018. For simplicity’s sake, let’s say the Packers had kept his total roster bonus amount at $600,000, which was the total value that it held on his old deal. In this case, subtracting 9/16 of that amount gets us to $20.64 million for a cap hit in 2018. However, former Corry is reporting that there are no per-game active roster bonuses in Rodgers’ new deal. In this case, the math in this paragraph is irrelevant and his cap hit would be the $20.9 million mentioned above.The remainder of the $80 million that Rodgers will see by March should come in a roster bonus paid out around the start of next year’s free agency. That would go on the Packers’ cap in 2019 instead.Thus, compared to Rodgers’ previous cap number on his old contract Kevin King Jersey , this new deal — again, based on the numbers that have been reported — should actually increase Rodgers’ cap hit for 2018. However, that increase is quite small, at $337,500. Meanwhile, the trade of Brett Hundley took a $705,000 cap hit off the books.Here’s the breakdown in table form, with the revised assumption that the workout bonus is technically part of the new deal:Rodgers’ Projected Contract for 2018CompensationNew Contract - 2018 CashNew Contract - 2018 CapPrevious Contract - 2018 CapCompensationNew Contract - 2018 CashNew Contract - 2018 CapPrevious Contract - 2018 Cap
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Re: in Rodgers’ new deal. In this case, the math in this par

Messagepar GregoryKap » Ven 6 Sep 2019 18:24

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