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/]Luke Willson Jersey[/url] , and somewhere around 14 hours

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/]Luke Willson Jersey[/url] , and somewhere around 14 hours

Messagepar elaine95 » Sam 29 Juin 2019 03:10

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Obviously, these numbers are subject to change if the Lions decide to trade out of any of their picks, but for now, plan on being near a television around these times.Thursday night - Round 1Lions 8th overall pick: ~9:01 p.m. ETFriday night - Rounds 2-3Lions 43rd overall pick: ~7:52 p.m. ETLions 88th overall pick: ~10:36 p.m. ETSaturday - Rounds 4-7Lions 111th overall pick: ~12:36 p.m. ETLions 146th overall pick: ~2:12 p.m. ETLions 184th overall pick: ~3:55 p.m. ETLions 204th overall pick: ~4:54 p.m. ETLions 224th overall pick: ~5:38 p.m. ETLions 229th overall pick: ~5:49 p.m. ET
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Re: /]Luke Willson Jersey[/url] , and somewhere around 14 ho

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