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New England Patriots links 9/26/18 -

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New England Patriots links 9/26/18 -

Messagepar liny195 » Mar 18 Juin 2019 04:03

After abominable performance White Phillip Dorsett Jerseys , Defense hoping bumbles bounce TEAM TALKGame Preview: Patriots vs. Dolphins. Broadcast info, series history, tale of the tape, More.John Rooke’s View from Above: Beaten down by a familiar foe.Paul Perillo tackles this week’s Ask PFW Mailbag: Picking up the pieces.Conference Call transcript: Bill Belichick.Player Interview: Deatrich Wise discusses moving on to the Dolphins and bringing positive energy to the team. (1 min. video)All Access Player Profile: Back home with Rex Burkhead. (5.11 min. video)Community: The Haley School receives The Hometown Grant. (2 min. video)Sights and Sounds: Week 3 vs. Lions. (3.30 min. video)LOCAL LINKSZack Cox scouts the Dolphins: Five things to know about Week 4 opponent. 1. They’re undefeated and sit atop AFC East standings.Mike Reiss says it isn’t so much that the Patriots are off to a slow start and lost on Sunday, it’s how they lost that matters.Tom E. Curran lists off all the possible excuses for the Pats’ lackluster play and thinks the sh*t’s about to hit the fan at Gillette. Belichick will make the team pay.Mark Daniels talks about how the Patriots defense hopes to bounce back after their struggles in Detroit.Mike Reiss explains how any turnaround on defense has to start with better play against the run.Evan Lazar says the Pats are preaching fundamentals as the solution to poor run defense.Zack Cox reports the Patriots appear confident they can repair the run defense after a rough startKaren Guregian laments the Patriots’ lack of a third-down, move-the-chains guy on offense.Evan Lazar makes the case that, receiver issues aside, Tom Brady needs to play better.Michael Hurley points out Tom Brady’s stats are quite bad through three games.Phil Perry notes Tom Brady isn’t projecting anything on what to expect from Josh Gordon, while Josh McDaniels said he’s not concerned with him picking up the system.Mike Reiss takes a look at how the offense needs more from Sony Michel.Mark Daniels details how Sony Michel is still finding his feet, while the Patriots are doing all they can to try and get him going.Nick O’Malley hears from David Andrews on how the line has to block better for Michel.Doug Kyed revisits the offseason and wonders if New England should have re-signed Danny Amendola. At the time, team didn’t know Edelman would be suspended.Andrew Lykins (BostonSportsExtra) New England is home to second chances.Karen Guregian notes Bill Belichick says the toughness of the team has yet to be determined.Matt Dolloff offers some final thoughts on Pats-Lions: Some issues are more fixable than others.Michael Hurley details that Lions touchdown drive that lost the game for the Pats. /Have any lemon juice for this paper cut while you’re at it?Karen Guregian Patriots Notebook: Defensive line vows to improve against the run.Matt Dolloff Wednesday Notes: Miami secondary should challenge Patriots receivers.Logan Mullen Patriots Rumors: Patriots work out three defensive linemen, one linebacker.Zack Cox Patriots Rumors: Patriots re-sign Kenjon Barner to bolster RB unit.Adam London gives us Tom Brady’s latest Instagram post to get the fans fired up.Thomas Murphy and Steve Balestrieri ( One Patriots Place podcast: Guest Raul Martinez. (51 min.)NATIONAL NEWSJosh Alper (ProFootballTalk) Adam Gase on Patriots: Records are irrelevant right now.Frank Schwab (Yahoo! Sports) The annual ‘Is this the end of the Patriots?’ question.Lorenzo Reyes (USA Today) NFL QB Hot Sheet: Chiefs’ Patrick Mahomes hot, Patriots’ Tom Brady cool. Five to watch this weekend: 1. Tom Brady.Staff (ESPN) How bad is the Patriots’ start? Statistics paint a bleak picture.Scooby Axson (SI) Report: Roughing the passer rule not changing this season, may be applied differently. /Stahhp...Charean Williams (ProFootballTalk) Mike Pereira Phillip Dorsett Jerseys 2019 , Dean Blandino disagree with NFL on what roughing is.Charean Williams (ProFootballTalk) Mike Pereira predicts league will adjust how officials interpret roughing rule.Michael David Smith (ProFootballTalk) Mike Tomlin concerned NFL isn’t fun to watch with so many penalties. /Hm... Roethlisberger’s flop the other night was kinda funny.Reflex (YouTube) 5 Most controversial calls in NFL history. (9.28 min. video) No. 2: Jesse James non-catch in Pittsburgh. Not that we’d mind if Gronk did decide to give it one more go, of course."WhitePatriots News Opinion and Analysis Contribute! FanPostsFanShotsAbout the Site List of Patriots Twitter AccountsWrite For Pats Pulpit!New User Welcome and Commenting GuideCommunity GuidelinesMastheadTopics Patriots Off-Season CoveragePatriots Opinion/AnalysisPatriots NewsPatriots Draft CoverageSportfolio ManagementPatriots Opinion/AnalysisThese Rob Gronkowski comeback rumors don’t make any senseNew,42commentsNot that we’d mind if Gronk did decide to give it one more go, of course.EDTShareTweetShareShareThese Rob Gronkowski comeback rumors don’t make any senseBrett Davis-USA TODAY SportsTake it from us, kids: just because Jason Witten does something doesn’t always mean it’s a good idea. Most of the time, it does, but occasionally, it absolutely does not. Exhibit A:Good Witten: switches from defensive end to tight end (2000)Also good Witten: (pretty much everything from then until retirement in 2017 in his Hall of Fame career)Not so good Witten: Monday Night Football (2018-2018).To-Be-Determined Witten: Comeback season 2019.Having said that, it took all of roughly 18 hours after Rob Gronkowski made us all cry into our Sunday night pizza for the COMEBACK SEASON 2019 train to get fired up, and as you can see, it really hasn’t lost any steam since then, and now it’s almost pool season. Observe:Let’s be clear: that would rule! The NFL and planet Earth in general is obviously a much better place with Gronk doing Gronk things in it. He’s the kind of talent you’d tune in to watch even if you hated the Patriots, like how Pats fans watched in begrudging admiration when Julio Jones caught bombs in triple coverage, or Kam Chancellor knocked a crossing receiver’s cleats off White Stephon Gilmore Jerseys , or Odell Beckham when he’s posterizing defensive backs and not getting into fights with stationary objects.What doesn’t shake out when you do the math is the idea that Gronkowski would take a month and a half off after the Super Bowl, finally pull the trigger on retirement after kicking the idea around for at least a year already, and then just up and do a complete 180 this fall and lace ‘em up again.Let’s start with the obvious: by the end of his career (assuming it is over, of course), it’d probably be easier to list the body parts that Gronk didn’t break, twist, sprain, tear, strain, or otherwise injure playing a game where defenders had to find new and creative (read: painful) ways to get him on the ground because, as any of us that cut our teeth on backyard football with kids bigger than us can tell you, just launching yourself at someone much larger than yourself usually ends poorly. For you, not them. Defensive backs in particular had to shoot their shot at his knees to take Gronk down, which ended at least one of his seasons and surely made several others much more difficult. And this past season in particular Stephon Gilmore Jerseys 2019 , Gronkowski got almost startlingly blunt on what it’s like to grind out a season at 29 years old when you’re taking more damage every weekend and not bouncing back like you could back in the day:Here’s how that shakes out from one year to the next as the years pile on:2017 season: 14 games started, 1,084 receiving yards, 69 receptions, 8 touchdowns2018 season: 11 games started, 682 receiving yards, 47 receptions, 3 touchdownsSomewhat surprisingly (or not, since this is pretty classic Gronk), he somehow still found a way to turn it the hell up in the postseason, so if there is a reason to hope for a comeback, maybe that’s it. I mean:2017 postseason: 3 games, 218 receiving yards, 16 receptions White Lawrence Guy Jerseys , 3 touchdowns2018 postseason: 3 games, 191 receiving yards, 13 receptions, 0 touchdownsAside from the goose egg in the touchdown column, what else could you want?Back on the idea that this isn’t some decision Gronk made overnight, though, there’s also what he left on the table by choosing to hang ‘em up: according to ESPN’s Mike Reiss, Gronk’s re-worked contract would’ve paid him a base salary of $9,000,000 for the 2019 season, and while his financial acumen is pretty well-documented, that’s quite a few zeroes to say “Nah, I’m good” unless you’re pretty freaking sure it’s not worth it anymore.And finally, for the three of you still reading Lawrence Guy Jerseys 2019 , we’ll once again check in with Tom Curran from NBC Sports Boston, who despite posting this on April Fool’s Day, caught up with Gronk post-Instagram announcement and asked him about making a comeback vs walking dogs for a living (which, there are definitely worse jobs to have):Oh, and he’d been kicking around the idea of retiring ever since he hung 116 yards and two touchdowns on the Eagles in the Super Bowl last season.Add all that up, and this isn’t a man who pulled the trigger on this just cause that’s how he woke up that afternoon. It’s the Gronk that we all know and love deciding that after banging his body around for the past two decades and almost having his career ended by injuries before he even graduated college looking around and realizing not only is the game getting tougher on him, but aside from padding his stats, he’s got nothing left to prove anyway.Having said all that....IF he does change his mind, though, you can bet the rent that I’ll be the first one to crack the glass on the framed Gronk jersey on my wall.Kind of a “Break in case of Awesome”.
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