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ool for team practices.The freshmen also have

Si le cœur vous en dit, présentez-vous, cela permet de savoir à qui l'on s'adresse par la suite :)

ool for team practices.The freshmen also have

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On Thursday, the Supreme Court of India will hear the BCCIs response to the Lodha Committees status report, which had recommended that the boards top officials - the president, secretary, joint secretary and treasurer - be superseded with immediate effect and replaced by a panel of administrators. The Committee said that such a step was necessary because the BCCI had failed to put in place recommendations passed by the Supreme Court by the September 30 deadline.A bench headed by Chief Justice of India TS Thakur, who had approved the majority of the Lodha reports recommendations in a court order on July 18, will hear the BCCIs response and decide on the status report. The following are the key points of the issue:Why was a status report presented in the Supreme Court? While passing the order on July 18, the Supreme Court had asked the BCCI to follow the directives of the Lodha Committee, which was put in charge of overseeing the process of overhauling the governance structure of the board. Should any impediments arise, the Committee shall be free to seek appropriate directions from this Court by filing a status report in that regard, the order stated. RM Lodha, the chairman of the Lodha Committee, and a former Chief Justice of India, said his team had faced serious impediments in dealing with the BCCI and elaborated on the same in the status report.What were the impediments? The Lodha Committee said the BCCI had not complied with as many as seven timelines by the deadline of September 30. The board had not accepted the fresh Memorandum of Association and rules and regulations, which would have been an indicator of the BCCI deciding to implement the recommendations.Lodha also said the BCCI had breached the committees directive by taking decisions concerning the future at its annual general meeting on September 21. The Committee had instructed the BCCI chief executive Rahul Johri to restrict the agenda of the AGM to routine decisions.What else did the BCCI do to draw such flak? According to Lodha, several decisions taken at the BCCIs AGM were contrary to the committees recommendations. Some of them were: Ajay Shirke being elected board secretary though he had not mentioned his eligibility criteria in the nomination form, and the board picking five-member selection panels when the recommendations said three. The Committee was also unhappy that the BCCI had called a special general meeting on September 30 to consider the recommendations, when it had said earlier that it would meet by September 28 to implement the recommendations.What happened at the SGM? After the meeting in Mumbai, the BCCI said it had unanimously accepted important recommendations of the Lodha Committee. In fact, it had selectively accepted recommendations, and the key ones not adopted included: an age cap of 70 for BCCI administrators, a maximum term of nine years and a cooling-off period between each three-year term, and the one-state-one-vote policy.Why is the BCCI against adopting these three recommendations? The nine-year tenure limit - broken into three, three-year terms with a three-year cooling off period between each term - will hinder continuity, the BCCI said. According to the board, these restrictions will deter able administrators from joining the BCCI.The boards rationale for being against the age cap is that many administrators over the age of 70 have remained fit and able, and such a limit does not apply to the countrys politicians. The BCCI argued that an age cap of 70 would deprive the board and the state associations of considerable knowledge and experience.As for the opposition to the one-state-one-vote policy, the BCCI indicated that such a recommendation was against its legacy because several associations have been full members of the board from the very beginning. There are three associations in Maharashtra. Mumbai is the cricketing hub that has won Ranji Trophy 41 times. Maharashtra has the maximum districts. Vidarbha has the maximum infrastructure because we have two stadiums and an indoor academy. So on what basis do we decide who should be given full member status? former BCCI president Shashank Manohar had said before resigning the post.Were there any other transgressions by BCCI? On September 30, the BCCI conducted an unscheduled working committee meeting, at which it took a few financial decisions, including doubling the Test match fee for the mens team. There were two other decisions taken, which the Lodha Committee objected to: an additional INR 10 crore being granted to full member state associations to increase the infrastructure subsidy to INR 70 crore, and the distribution of compensation money received from the broadcaster as a result of the cancellation of the Champions League T20, which was about INR 550 crore according to the committee. On October 4, the Committee warned state associations not to touch the funds that had been received from the BCCI between September 29 and October 1 and were related to those two transactions.What is the next step for the BCCI? The court had given the board a week to respond to the Lodha Committees status report that called for a panel of administrators to replace the top BCCI officials, while telling the board to fall in line or we will make you fall in line.The BCCI had also filed an application in the Supreme Court, pleading for the courts July 18 order to be suspended until it heard the boards review and curative petitions against the mandatory implementation of most of the Lodha Committees recommendations. In its review petition, the BCCI called the court order unreasoned and asked for the recusal of Chief Justice Thakur from its hearing. However, the petition has been lying in defect because the court raised technical objections to the petition and asked the BCCI to repair them. Ultra Boost 4.0 Release Date . The Clippers were angry about blowing a big lead; the Kings didnt like being in that kind of hole and nearly digging themselves out only to lose. Ultra Boost 4.0 Core Black Sale . Now, correct me if Im wrong but I saw one official distinctly pointing at the net indicating a good goal but after an inconclusive review they overturned the goal. Shouldnt the ruling on the ice (good goal) stand after an inconclusive review? Why was this overturned? James Veaudry Pembroke, ON -- Hey Kerry, Youll get a lot of these, but why was the Montreal goal against Nashville Saturday night overturned? Eller puts the puck on net and the on ice ruling from the ref behind the net is a Montreal goal. . Patrice Bergeron and Daniel Paille scored 20 seconds apart a few minutes after Stamkos was taken off the ice on a stretcher with a broken right leg, and the Bruins beat the Lightning 3-0 on Monday afternoon. Ultra Boost 4.0 Release Date Triple Black . The 31-year-old Spain midfielder hasnt played since Madrid lost in the Copa del Rey final to Atletico Madrid in May due to back and foot injuries. Ultra Boost 4.0 Burgundy . Gather a group of friends, or find a league to join online, draft your team, set your lineup and compete in a number of different formats. NEW YORK -- When American swimming sensation Katie Ledecky added to her climbing total of career visits to NBCs Today show Monday -- this time to talk about how life has changed since she set two world records and won five medals at the Rio Summer Olympics, four of them gold -- she smiled and squirmed in her seat as the five hosts on the set took turns good-naturedly kidding her about her record-shattering start to her freshman year at Stanford University this fall.It already has included a 65-second rout in a 1,650-yard college invitational race Sunday in which Ledecky ... um ... beat the runner-up by four laps.Sooo, that basically means you get out of the pool, have coffee and a donut, and wait for everyone else to finish? TV host Savannah Guthrie needled.When the 19-year-old Ledecky was too polite or sheepish to parry back, the segment only got funnier.Wait -- she broke another record in just the last 20 seconds! Guthrie added.And on the way to the event tonight, shes going to break another record! Matt Lauer boomed, causing Ledecky to shake her head and blush again.Ledecky was in New York with 40 of her Olympic medal-winning teammates for USA Swimmings annual Golden Goggles Awards on Monday night, a black-tie year-end benefit that recognizes the U.S. teams best performances each year. Michael Phelps, Missy Franklin, Libby King and Maya DiRado were among the others who attended. Ryan Lochte did not.Ledecky has replaced Phelps as the most riveting figure in U.S. swimming. But as scintillating as her first three months at Stanford have been -- starting with the fact she set an NCAA or American record in every race she swam through Nov. 15 -- there was another woman sharing the red carpet with her at the Marriott Marquis hotel who was also impossible to ignore.That was Stanford teammate Simone Manuel, the first female African-American swimmer to win an individual event at an Olympic Games and, as of last weekend, the first person anywhere to beat the amazing Ledecky in her last 74 finals in a race above 100 meters.Manuel, a junior, defeated Ledecky on Saturday in the 200-yard freestyle during an invitational at Ohio State, clipping Ledecky by .26 of a second.No, I didnt know the [length of the streak], a surprised Ledecky said, grinning as if even she found it cool.I didnt know it, either, but its not like Im out of the park yet, Manuel joked, speaking a little further down the red carpet from where Ledecky was taking questions. I still have to race her every day in practice, at nationals, at NCAAs.Manuel was right. Its just a start. But dont overlook the significance of their head-to-head battles; their races should be fascinating -- maybe even transformative -- for both swimmers.With 10 Olympic medals already won between them, the 20-year-old Manuel and Ledecky could anchor the U.S. swim team for a few Olympics to come.I know I definitely want more, Manuel said.The idea of Ledecky, especially, finally having anything close to a true rival -- another female swimmer who can push her and beat her while training on the same team and sometimes in the same lane day in and day out, sets up an interesting dynamic for both women as they slowly start looking ahead to the 2020 Tokyo Games.I dont look at it likee shes a frenemy, Ledecky laughed, pointing out she and Manuel were roommates in Rio, and have been roommates for four years at international meets, so were good buddies.ddddddddddddWe both love to race and we both love to compete. We race all the time in practice and Simone beats me at least a couple times a week [in sprints]. So its a great environment every day. And I dont consider it a loss when its my teammate thats beating me, anyway. Were both racing our hardest for Stanford and excited about what could follow.Ledeckys coaches are always looking for fresh challenges to throw her way. Shes been so peerless at the distance events for so long, there is talk now about dropping her down to the 100-meter free (Manuels gold-medal individual event in Rio), and maybe adding the 400 individual medley to the 200, 400, 800 and 1,600 events and world records she currently owns.Many argue Ledecky -- not LeBron James, Usain Bolt, Lionel Messi or anyone else you can name -- is the most dominant athlete in the world today. Its only news now when she doesnt win.Manuel shoulders a different set of challenges. Though she also won the gold in the 4x100 medley relay and silver in the 50 free and 4x100 freestyle relay in Rio, she said in the past that trying to become the first African-American to win any Olympic swimming medal was difficult for her at times, as if so much history weighed on every stroke. She was expansive on the topic in Rio, paying homage to groundbreakers that came before her and embracing a chance to weigh in on matters like police violence against African-Americans back in the United States.But Monday, she pulled back on the non-swimming topics a little.When an African-American reporter told Manuel shes now an icon and inspiration to their community and asked what kind of legacy she wants to leave outside the pool, Manuel said, Well, Im just 20 years old, so I havent really thought about the legacy I want to leave. I guess just making sure that people go after their dreams. That they can do anything.Later, Manuel admitted one of the many reasons she and Ledecky feel a kinship is because of the continuing expectation on them to do the extraordinary.We keep each other from thinking too much about the pressure of our races, Manuel said.She only smiled and said, Nah, when asked if she has ever been tempted to tell Ledecky to quit trying to have it all already, stick to the distance events, and leave the 100 or 200 freestyle to her. But then she did quickly add she does give Ledecky some mess about being a freshman.Ledecky already has taken much flak about getting lost on the Stanford campus, putting her swim cap on wrong, having some misadventures on the bicycle she uses to get around, and sometimes screwing up chores like putting the lane markers in the pool for team practices.The freshmen also have to bring up the towels, but they do that in shifts, so Katie knows when she has to do it, Manuel explained.The Great Katie Ledecky? Towel girl?Nodding now, Manuel deadpanned: Shes got it figured out.I wanted the college experience, Ledecky added. And so far, its been awesome. China NFL Jerseys Cheap Nike NFL Jerseys NFL Jerseys Cheap Wholesale NFL Jerseys Cheap Basketball Jerseys Online Stitched Hockey Jerseys Wholesale Baseball Jerseys Football Jerseys Outlet College Jerseys For Sale Cheap MLB Jerseys Wholesale Soccer Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys For Sale Wholesale NFL Jerseys ' ' '
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