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poorly. He’s likely headed to the practice squad, in part du

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poorly. He’s likely headed to the practice squad, in part du

Messagepar elaine95 » Mar 25 Juin 2019 02:59

Last week was the return of the roundtable Womens Matthew Stafford Jersey , and with all of the great discourse last week’s topic provided—not just from the Pride of Detroit staff, but you, the community here at POD as well—it’s back for a second week in a row!If you’re unfamiliar with our roundtable or how it works, check out some of our (relatively) recent discussions:Will Detroit sign Matthew Stafford to a contract extension before the start of 2017?How can the Lions win the NFC North in 2017?Who is the Lions least-replaceable player outside of Matthew Stafford?What are the expectations for Kenny Golladay in his rookie season?Will the Lions be positioned for the playoffs after Week 9?What is the most interesting camp battle in Detroit?Should the Lions’ 53-man roster carry 4 tight ends, or 5 wide receivers?Who is the most valuable draft pick of Bob Quinn’s tenure as Lions GM?Welcome to #BROCKTOBER, the most wonderful month of the year where the Miami Dolphins, led by Brock Osweiler, knocked off the NFC North leading Chicago Bears in an absolutely ridiculous overtime contest on Sunday. It had everything: Osweiler throwing for 380 yards and three touchdowns, Khalil Mack and the Bears defense recording zero sacks, and Mitchell Trubisky getting handcuffed by Matt Nagy on the Bears final offensive drive of the game.The Minnesota Vikings had to scratch their starting running back, Dalvin Cook, from the lineup for their matchup with the Arizona Cardinals, but it would be his backup, Latavius Murray, who stole the show and helped propel the Vikings to their third win of the season and the team’s second consecutive victory.The Green Bay Packers, desperate for a win, somehow escaped Monday night with one, despite trailing the entire second half to the 49ers. Aaron Rodgers managed to turn a seven-point deficit with three minutes left, into a three-point win... in regulation. With every team within a single game of one another, the NFC North seems to be as open as anyone could have ever imagined it to be before the season started. And as the Lions are coming off their bye week and heading to Miami for a matchup with the Dolphins, does it seem like the team is in a position to keep pace with the thick of the division, or fade back into obscurity?Are the Lions contenders or pretenders in the race for the NFC North crown?Jeremy Reisman: This is obviously a tough question to answer for a myriad of reasons, but it comes down to this for me: I don’t think the Lions are currently playing at a level that should warrant postseason consideration. However, this question is relative to the rest of the division, and there is not a team in the NFC North that isn’t inherently flawed right now. The Vikings can’t protect Kirk Cousins. The Packers still have a ways to go defensively. The Bears don’t trust their own quarterback yet. And the Lions have a really bad defense. All four teams are contenders for the NFC North, but I would call all of them pretenders for the NFC crown. John Whiticar: I think that the division race will come down to the final few weeks of the season, as it seems to always happen. There’s no clear front-runner for the division at the moment; Chicago was the best looking team prior to last week Danny Amendola Jersey , then they decided that they couldn’t cover Albert Wilson screen plays. With a mediocre quarterback—yes, Mitchell Trubisky threw for three touchdowns, but one was a shovel pass and one was due to a broken defense—I can’t see them winning the division without an elite defense.Kent Lee Platte: In theory, all four teams in the NFCN are in play to win the division or come in last place, with only a game or two separating everybody. In reality, it's very clear that the Lions would need to improve dramatically for them to be considered a true contender. Their issues on defense are still far too prominent to not be a worry, while their issues on offense, outside of the Packers game, are concerning.Ryan Mathews: The Lions are phonies, a bunch of big fat phonies.But in all seriousness, this week’s matchup against the Dolphins in Miami is going to be a pretty good measuring stick for the team. Detroit has yet to win a game on the road this season, and Miami has been a pretty good team at home as of late. If there’s something that’s going to keep me from saying the Lions are contenders, it’s their defense. But we’re all pretty familiar with the narrative of Matt Patricia’s defenses in New England, and how it took time for them to gel over the course of the season, so maybe there’s some hope for this defense as the calendar turns—and hope is the thing with feathers.Jeremy: I’m ashamed to admit I knew that was a “Family Guy” reference without clicking the link, but at least it was back when the show wasn’t a parody of itself. As for the Lions defense, that’s really the key to everything. As much as I want to believe the “Matt Patricia will eventually fix everything” talking point, I just don’t think the Lions have the personnel to do it, even if we’ve seen guys like Romeo Okwara and Devon Kennard bud under his system. I need to see them hold a single team under 4.7 yards per carry before I believe. John: Another thing we need to consider is the pass rush. You mentioned Okwara and Kennard, and coupled with Eli Harold, they’ve accounted for 11 sacks. From a pure stat perspective, this is good. However, a lot of these have been coverage sacks. That’s a positive for the secondary, but a negative for the defensive line. They’re giving too much time to opposing quarterbacks. Given the injuries and inconsistencies in the secondary, we can’t rely on them alone to shut down offenses.Kent: You mention the secondary and coverage sacks, but one thing to consider in that regard is that the Lions have been productive despite a poor pass rush and their secondary has been disruptive despite individually having a group prone to error. Darius Slay had his worst game in years against the Packers but the Lions defense gave Aaron Rodgers fits due to a strong game plan and good enough execution. That speaks to a coaching group that may be improving, and I can't be the only one that's noticed Jim Bob Cooter creating more and more dynamic plays from different alignments Christian Jones Jersey White , something he's struggled with in the past. The Patriots defense was known to start the year slowly under Matt Patricia, but maybe that's just indicative of a philosophy that's more ingrained in him generally. That could mean this slow start to the season was just that, a slow start, and that their best football is still coming. Imagine beating Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers being a warm up.Mike: In my opinion, this team will go as far as its offense takes them. and right now they’re primed to go far if they can keep up what they've been doing. Stafford has been one of the best and most accurate quarterbacks since Week 2, Kerryon has been one of the better running backs in the league, and these receivers—Kenny Golladay, especially—are getting into the swing of things after slow start. Lastly, the offensive line is actually performing. It’s really happening. guys. All this, and I still feel like they haven’t played their best football yet. This team is for real.Lions vs. Browns stock report: Beaten badly by Browns backups When the Lions were booed off the field at a 25-0 halftime, many of you probably turned off your televisions or switched to a college game. We here at Pride of Detroit, we go the extra mile. We watched the entire game, so you didn’t have to. We don’t do it for praise, we’re just that dedicated to giving you the best Lions coverage and...are you still reading this? Maybe you did watch the whole game. Anyway, here’s the final preseason stock report, now keep in mind that this is all in the context of the 4th preseason game, many of these guys will still be out of a job in a few days even if they played well. Stock Up: DeShawn Shead, CBNevin Lawson and Darius Slay took turns against the Buccaneers trying to look as bad as they could. DeShawn Shead hasn’t been playing much due to an unknown injury, but now that he’s back in the lineup there’s renewed hope they won’t stink up the football field in the secondary. Shead looked comfortable and aggressive both in coverage and against the run, traits this team is going to need with that front 7. Stock Down: Anthony Zettel, DEAnthony Zettel seemed to play every single snap in the first half of the fourth preseason. At first, we were left questioning why, as this often means a roster spot is in jeopardy. Then the run plays started and we were reminded of why. Zettel is absolutely dreadful setting the edge, the Lions run defense banjaxed every time a running back ends up in Zettel’s vicinity. It’s not very likely he’s on the chopping block, but while we were thinking Abdullah was going to be showcased for trade it may have been Zettel. A showcase he’d probably like back. Stock Up: Eli Harold, LBEli Harold was brought in to add a run defense element the team lacked on the edge, and we waited in anticipation to see a linebacker shed a block to make a tackle. Sure enough Ricky Wagner Jersey White , Harold did just that, showing that he can be the edge setter we haven’t seen from other Lions defenders. His pass rush wasn’t as impressive, but for what he was brought in to do, he did well, and should have locked in his roster spot.Stock Down: Jonathan Freeney, LBI had imagined Freeney a lock for the roster with how the team has been using him this preseason, though not very high on the depth chart. Freeney did everything in his power against the Browns to make his case for another team’s roster, with penalties, terrible coverage, and poor run angles. He was the worst linebacker on the field for either team, and it may be an instance of playing yourself off a roster rather than playing your way on.Stock Up: Mike Ford, CBIn one of the sloppiest, poorly played games in quite a while, it seemed like nobody was really fighting for their job. Mike Ford, on the other hand, was working his tail off trying to show he’s worth a roster spot. Both in coverage and as a tackler, Ford was flashing later in the game. He’s a long shot to make the roster due to the depth at the position, but he’s not going to be an easy cut and stash, either. Stock Down: Brandon Powell, WRAfter an impressive preseason, Powell looked like he may be closing in on a roster spot. Leading the team in receiving and showing impressive return skills, a strong showing may have made the decision tough for Bob Quinn even with a limited role on the team for game days. As it is, Powell was done no favors by Jake Rudock, but failed to establish himself even when other receivers started showing out. His lack of speed showed up on a few returns as well, and his previous spark seems to have fizzled badly in the final presason contest.Quick HitsStock UpAmeer Abdullah, RB - Abdullah didn’t play in this one, which is as sure a sign as any that he’s either already on the roster or a trade partner is already found. Jace Billingsley Tracy Walker Jersey White , WR - Billingsley has been supplanted for the most part in Detroit, but he flashed at times in this one enough to put other teams on notice.Freddie Bishop, LB - Bishop has tapered off in play since he first burst on the scene here, but it was a good ending to his time in Detroit if he doesn’t make the roster.Tyrell Crosby, OT - Crosby was the only ‘starting’ offensive lineman that consistently looked good, and is likely entering the season the top reserve for the team.Josh Fatu, NT - It may have taken three and a half full preseason games to finally show up, but Fatu finally made a play that may help his practice squad chances.Dontez Ford, WR - Ford often struggles to separate and isn’t an explosive athlete, but he’s very tough to take down when he gets the ball and he flashed in this one.Cam Johnson, LB - Johnson hasn’t looked good this preseason, but he wasn’t terrible in this one. Sadly for fans, that may be enough to make the roster. Good for Johnson, though.Marcus Lucas, TE - Lucas was a no show for most of the game but had a boss of a block on the late Jake Rudock run near the end zone. Dwayne Washington, RB - Having barely played this preseason, and even then as the final RB on the roster, Washington is out of here. But he did well auditioning for another squad.Stock DownAlex Barrett, LB/DE - Barrett has slowly lost ground every time the team saw action, and playing late in the 4th preseason game that trend continued.Trevor Bates, LB - Bates was a long shot to make the roster, but missing plays in the run game like he did in this one are not how you make your case.Wesley Johnson, IOL - Johnson has been one of the worst offensive linemen this preseason and this kind of game is not a way to make up that lost ground.Chris Jones, CB - Jones had an outside chance to make this roster, but his performance against the Browns all but ensured his spot is probably on the practice squad.Leo Koloamatangi, OC - Koloamatangi has had a good preseason, but this was not a good way to end it. Like badly missing the final note of an opera Ricky Jean Francois Jersey White , it’s all you’ll remember.Brian Mihalik, OT - If there were ever any doubt that Mihalik wasn’t making the roster, he dispelled those doubts in this one. Rolan Milligan, SS - Was bad. Then got hurt.Sterling Moore, CB - Moore didn’t get much work that I saw until late in the game. That’s not how you use guys you’re evaluating for actual work, even though he had a nice pass breakup in the 3rd quarter.Teo Redding, WR - Redding got some play as a returner and did poorly. He’s likely headed to the practice squad, in part due to plays like his leaping grab through defensive pass interference late in the game. Get him a QB who can throw.Christian Ringo, DT - Ringo has been moved around a bit while the Lions tried to find a good fit for him. That fit is likely somewhere else. A’Shawn Robinson, DT - Playing into the 4th preseason as a former starter is a bad sign. Failing to play well against that kind of competition as a former starter is damning.Jake Rudock, QB - Rudock was already pretty well edged out as the QB2 in Detroit, but getting benched in the 4th preseason game is a whole new level of bad. He had a bit of a late game surge, but it was too little, too late.Teez Tabor, CB - Tabor playing into the 4th preseason game wasn’t surprising, as he needed it. Playing as inconsistently as he did is a bad sign for his usage in 2018.Zach Zenner, RB - Wasn’t good, then got hurt and had to leave. SummaryWell, it was a pretty gross game overall. Normally in the last preseason game we get to see guys playing for their spots the following season as much as trying to find a spot on the current roster, but almost nobody in this one looks like they want to be on an NFL roster. But hey, maybe I’m wrong. What do you think of our final preseason stock report? Too harsh on some, let others slide? Let us know in the comments, if you aren’t already down there angrily posting about someone you felt I got wrong!
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