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The blue sky was full of dark cloud

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The blue sky was full of dark cloud

Messagepar ylq » Lun 10 Sep 2018 02:12

The blue sky was full of dark clouds Cigarettes Online, and the sky gradually followed by a light wind, thunderstorms, quietly coming, like a thousand 10,000 knights practicing in the sky.Sha Lasha, Sha Lasha... The sound of the rain is like a song without lyrics. The pearl-like rain fell wildly, dripping on the verdant green leaves, and made a crisp sound---the dripping melody made the melody; dripping in the green grass, naughty nodded to the rain; dripping on each The lotus leaf forms a string of pearl necklaces Buy Marlboro Cigarettes Online, sometimes sparkling, sometimes flipping over and over, adding infinite fun.They are engrossed in playing a beautiful and beautiful phonology, flowing like a spring, like a huge wave on the sea. Every note flies in the air with color-like fantasy. At this time, I think that their music is better than human music. I watch these scenes listen to unique songs. In the infinite happiness, I forget the world and forget. I am myself.I don't know when the rain stopped. I flickered for a day of rain until an unknown bird began to sing a song, preventing the Buddha from pouring joy after the bath, and the raindrops on the leaves went down. Dropped and dripped in the little otter by the road, only to call back my heart. Picking up a moist flower, holding it in my hand, I smelled the fragrance of nature, picked up a fallen leaf, and counted the delicate texture. I saw the mystery of life contained in it.How can you not be proud of the happy world in the rain?Sky Marlboro Cigarettes Price, I like the sky very much, you might ask: "The sky? What's in the sky, the white clouds, the birds that are flying, the sun, the moon, and nothing else!" Actually it is not like this, I like it. The sky is because it is quiet and gives a sense of harmony.I looked up at the sky, and the dark clouds filled the sky, as if it was going to rain. Sure enough, as I expected, it was raining down in a minute. An hour passed, two hours passed, and the sky was still not getting better. I used one hand to reach the sky. The sky looked as if it was in front of my own eyes, but I clenched my hands, only the air, nothing. The rain hit my face, but I couldn't feel anything. "It��s raining, rainy, I like it." I woke up suddenly, my body was soaked. But the rain has stopped. The sun is hanging high in the sky, and the free and easy white clouds have already been explored. Sometimes it is like a horse galloping, sometimes like a fish swimming, sometimes like a mighty dragon, sometimes... these, which constitute a Beautiful watercolor Marlboro Lights. I seem to have a pair of wings and are flying into the air. I said very well with the birds, I am sitting on the clouds, playing games with the sun brother, singing songs...I like the sky, quiet and harmonious Newport Cigarettes Coupons, they won't have a quarrel. I also like the sky at night, the moon, the stars, let the dark sky become brighter.
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