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to give our fans in these regions a little bit mor

Si le cœur vous en dit, présentez-vous, cela permet de savoir à qui l'on s'adresse par la suite :)

to give our fans in these regions a little bit mor

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This is an online exclusive story from ESPN The Magazines Body Issue 2016. Subscribe today!?And for more from the 2016 Body Issue, check out,?and pick up a copy on newsstands starting July 8.Three-time WNBA All-Star Elena Della Donna has faced her share of body challenges -- from being teased for her height as a kid to her ongoing battle with Lyme disease. For this summers Body Issue, she talked to ESPNs Morty Ain about how shes coped and what serves as her inspiration.We play an amazing caliber and brand of basketball, and people try to cut that down because they are just comparing it to the mens game. Oh well, she didnt dunk in that game! Whatever, theyre just girls, nobody wants to watch that. Thats pretty frustrating. We are the most elite players in the world. This is my life, and its what Ive put in 22 years of my life doing.I support lowering the rim. When you think about it, there probably isnt a guy in the NBA who cant dunk, so it should be the same way for the females. If we lowered it to 9 feet, maybe even lower, we can have our point guards getting up there and dunking the ball. I think that would make our game extremely fun to watch.I have a pack of game gum. I go to the store and stare at the gum until I pick out the right one -- somehow one will pop out to me. Once I buy it, no one is allowed to touch the packet or its ruined. Ill take a piece and chew it in the first half, and if things arent going well and we arent playing well, I have to change the piece of gum. Because obviously its the gums fault; its not our fault that were playing bad [laughs]!My biggest challenge is trying to stay healthy with Lyme disease. At my worst, I have muscle aches and fatigue and various symptoms, like you get when you have the flu. Then there are days Ill wake up a little bit tired or my muscles arent recovering as well, but I keep that in mind and will alter my training. I also have to eat really well and stay away from foods that will make my inflammatory system go crazy.I take around 50 supplements a day to battle it. I think its always surprising to people that I have a chronic illness and I play a professional sport.It took the doctors two months to figure out what was going on with me. I had my first relapse my sophomore year in college. A lot of tests cant detect it, especially when its gone chronic and reappears. I was sleeping probably 18 hours a day, not eating much, and I lost probably about 35 pounds. I had literally told my parents, I think Im dying.I said I wanted to be the best female basketball player in the world when I was 4. Ive always had really lofty goals.Ive worked with the same personal trainer since second grade. My brother, who was three years ahead of me in school, played basketball, and I always would tag along to his workouts or games. He was doing a workout one time and I just asked, Hey, can I hop in? The trainer was in shock. But he let me continue to work with my brother and come along. I still work with him today. Hes like family now.My entire day revolves around stressing my body, putting it through rigorous workouts and then giving back to it. It can be up to four and a half hours a day. This sport takes so many years and hours of training.When I first got to the WNBA, I felt like throughout a game I was losing my endurance. I wasnt performing nearly as well in the third and fourth quarter as I was in the first half. So I got a new strength coach back in Delaware, and we really worked on core stability and endurance, doing circuit training. People wrote that I put on 12 pounds of muscle. That might have been a bit of an exaggeration. But I definitely put on muscle and lost body fat.I used to tell my mom all the time that I wished I were shorter. Shes 6-2 and my dad is 6-6, so she understood. She was like, Im telling you, one day you are going to realize how beautiful your height is. She would always tell me how unique I am and say, Why try to be like the rest of the pack? Be your own person.It used to be annoying when kids would make fun of me for my height. Its funny because height is an attribute where people feel like they can call it out. Like, if Im at a grocery store, someone will be like, Youre so tall! Kids would be like, Oh my god, youre taller than my dad. Oh, you look like a monster! I dont look like a monster, Im just tall. Those would be hurtful things that kids would say, but I dont think kids even understand that that comes off as rude.My dogs huge. Hes a Great Dane, so I knew he was going to be huge, and its something that I absolutely adore. When he stands up on his hind legs, he is my height. And when hes on four legs, his head comes up to a little above my hip. He also thinks hes a lapdog, which is comical at times.His name is Wrigley. I got him my first year in Chicago for my rookie season, so I figured a Chicago name would work well. But when I would take him to the dog beach in Chicago, everyone else had a dog named Wrigley too.When Im practicing on the court, I always try to play mind games with myself. Ill tell myself, Im going to miss this shot, and then I force myself to push through that. Or Ill say, Theres no way youre going to make 11 in a row. Then I have to try to challenge myself to do it. When Im on the court, everything is positive. I tell myself, Its going in. So if I can train the opposite way, Ill be even more prepared when its game time.In high school, I made 81 free throws in a row. I remember when I missed, it was kind of like, Thank god this is over! Literally everybody in the gym was holding their breath every time I shot a free throw. I was just so relieved for it to finally be over.My sister, Lizzie, has always been my biggest inspiration, even though shes never spoken a word to me. Shes deaf and blind, and she has intellectual disabilities as well. Shes probably functioning at the level of a 1- to 2-year-old. Not only that, but shes had over 30 surgeries in her life. Shes overcome every single thing thats been thrown her way. So many times doctors said she wouldnt be able to walk, or she wouldnt live to this age, and shes surpassed all of those expectations. Shes just amazing.On my 20th birthday, I got a tattoo of my sisters name inside of angel wings. I wanted to put it somewhere its not seen every day, but I know its there. And before every game I pat it, or if I need to channel my sister in any way throughout a game, Ill pat my side.Anything I endure in a day will never be able to compete with what she has to endure each day of her life. Cheap Air Max Triax 94 . The Vikings announced Thursday that Priefer will be one of seven holdovers from the previous staff, along with offensive line coach Jeff Davidson, wide receivers coach George Stewart and others. Norv Turner will mark his 30th year of coaching in the NFL as the offensive co-ordinator, as widely reported for weeks, and George Edwards will be the defensive co-ordinator. Cheap Air Max Skyline . A lawyer for MLB, Matthew Menchel, confirmed Wednesday the league dropped its case against Biogenesis of America, its owner Anthony Bosch and several other individuals. The lawsuit had accused Biogenesis and Bosch of conspiring with players to violate their contracts by providing them with banned performance-enhancing substances. . Ashley Youngs cross was inadvertently headed by Chester into his own net in the 66th minute, allowing United to claim a third straight league win. "We had to dig deep with our fighting spirit and weve done that," United striker Wayne Rooney said. Cheap Air Max 2 Charles Barkley 34 . The 15th-ranked Canadian men lost the opening two games of their European tour: 19-15 to No. 17 Georgia and 21-20 to No. Cheap Air Max Posterize SL .Y. -- Vancouver Canucks goaltender Roberto Luongo had little trouble picking up his first shutout of the season against a Buffalo Sabres team thats having trouble scoring goals. LONDON -- The NBA should be in no hurry to copy the NFLs style of expansion in London as it seeks to grow its appeal abroad, according to Steve Nash.The British capital plays host to its third game of the NFL regular season at Wembley stadium on Sunday, while Nashs favourite soccer club Tottenham are building their new stadium with an agreement to host two NFL games a year from 2018 to 2027.The NBA will stage a single regular season game at Londons O2 Arena in January, but Nash -- twice named the NBAs Most Valuable Player as a Phoenix Suns point guard -- does not see a need to shoehorn more games into the British sporting calendar.He told ESPN: Theres always something to be learned, but I think its a more natural fit stadium wise to have those types of agreements with the two footballs.Im sure there will be opportunities, and there have been in the past, where we can cross-promote with the Premier League and the NBA.The reality is that all of us just want people to enjoy what we do and be able to come over here and share the game with the fans we already have, and maybe draw in a few more to appreciate this beautiful sport.Nash was speaking in London at the NBBAs Crossover event, which highlights the convergence of the league and popular culture through music, fashion and media.ddddddddddddhe exhibition forms part of the NBAs efforts to broaden interest in the sport outside its American heartland. But while the NFL has targeted London as its overseas outpost, the NBA has already taken games to Mexico and China.The NFL will join its basketball cousins in Mexico next month when the Oakland Raiders face the Houston Texans at Azteca stadium and Nash revealed the duty sportspeople feel to promote their games around the world.We all share a responsibility to grow the game [of basketball] and for it to be left better than it was when we came into the league, he said. We all feel fortunate to be able to play this great game in front of as many people as we do.To be able to travel the world to promote our game, thats something we all share the responsibility to do. Not only do we want to grow the game, but we want to give our fans in these regions a little bit more for their loyalty and support. 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