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Today, we have a wonderful debate

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Today, we have a wonderful debate

Messagepar ylq » Jeu 11 Oct 2018 02:55

Today, we have a wonderful debate. Moderator Yang said: "I believe that all students love reading, but reading books is also good or bad. If you read a good book, it will benefit us for the rest of our lives. But if we read bad books, it will hurt our physical and mental health. Good? Let us have a debate today." Soon, the two sides are eager to try.iancheng preemptively made a man, and he said arrogantly: "We think that the opening of the volume is beneficial. Zhuge Liang of the Three Kingdoms period can not "get to know the astronomy, know the geography" can also be strategized, and the dangers are saved. These are the benefits that reading brings to him. Luo Tiancheng finished, raised his chest, put a "v" posture, indicating that the square will win, Luo Tiancheng is indeed worthy of the name, suddenly let the other party into a while, Li Hongming said with conviction: "Zhu Geliang is reading a good book, but now the primary school students like to read novels and books such as martial arts and romance, and sometimes they will reach the level of sleepless nights. They will go into flames, and they only want to read books in class. They don��t have the heart to learn, their achievements have plummeted, and some people are attracted by the plots in the book. They imitate the characters in the book and sometimes go to the criminal road. This is not a book that harms themselves. ?"nqi, who is called a "little talented woman" in our class, said in a word: "As long as it is a book, there will always be advantages. If the book is sinister and unsightly, even the general "flowing account" is not as good as the composition, then how? Someone will go see it? No matter how bad a book is, at least some of the writing techniques can be learned in the so-called bad books. If you are not good, you can also know a fewXinyu can no longer hold the excitement in his heart Cheap Marlboro Cigarettes, and righteously said: "Some comic books are very small, affecting our vision?"an stood up and squatted, and came up with an unexpected rebuttal: "Then we can read the book for a while, then go out and look at the green. As long as the time is adjusted, the vision will not fall."aqiang, the "big trick", retorted: "My younger brother, who is obsessed with martial arts novels all day, always reads books in time and occasions, and plays martial arts in school. He feels that he is a character in martial arts novels. I hurt my classmates and became a bad student. I have lost my grades and my vision has dropped rapidly."said with a sigh of relief: "Liu Xiang once said: "The book is also a medicine, and good reading can be a doctor. "There are two kinds of medicines in the world, one is a good medicine, which makes people benefit from it Marlboro Lights. A poison can kill people. Isn't it "not necessarily beneficial to open the cheng immediately found a loophole from Wu Yan��s words, and he replied: ��Liu Xiang is a philosopher. His words are telling us that you should be good at reading, that is, you should choose a good book to read. If you read bad things Marlboro Cigarettes Price. Books, but also learn to take the essence, go to its dross, as long as you learn to read Carton Of Marlboro Reds, you will benefit for a lifetime." This is our view. Luo Tiancheng��s wonderful speech won the warm applause of the students. The next few rounds Newport Cigarettes Website, the two sides publicly said that the public is reasonable, and the woman said t Teacher Yang signaled that everyone paused. She concluded: "A good book is better than a treasure. A bad book is worse than a robber. Therefore, whether it is beneficial to open a book, you must first look at what volum although there is no knives and brutes of "fighting flesh and blood", but the "lip lingual tongue" strikes the atmosphere of "dance and ink" is exciting. It makes me understand that true scholars are often not the people who read the book, but the people who can read. ��
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