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Messagepar DaLgAMYeVr » Sam 14 Juil 2018 11:09

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Which opens him up to being shot, but it a cheap mlb jerseys factor.. I thought they were not that great of a performance car to do things we do with rental cars here.where they slowly accelerate (less so the cvt, but because they got shit engines), and they like to lock itself in a low rpm at high speed and then takes a while to get back into a higher rpm for passing someonethat same thing can happen if the highest gear has a too small of a ratio where your engine ticks at say 70 mph at 2000 rpm (just barely above idle), and you need to go from 70 to 80 to pass cheap football jerseys then, people confuse this slow as fuck passing performance, and slow acceleration on the CVTbut it is because the CVT is on a engine that produces way less than 200 hp and hauling something like 3000 pounds+here is the thing, people go nuts with DCT (dual clutch transmission), but then don realize that on the dodge dart (aero for you EUDM people?) and on some fiat 500L (no, not the 500) they got DCT and when I drove a Dart rental with automatic (IE DCT), it was shitttttttty.

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